Drawing Classes Melbourne

Drawing classes with Melbourne Art Classes  can be taken 

🟢   in a separate private or semi-private session  

🟢    simultaneously with painting in one of our regular art groups (drawing only or both drawing with painting)either in studio groups or via Zoom app

🟢    DIY through our online Drawing Courses

See recommended materials here, basic and advanced lists


In the early stages it involves a lot of repetition but pretty soon almost everyone sees a great improvement in their observational skills and abilities to interpret lines, shapes, forms, spaces, proportions,  angles, textures, values, contrast etc, which in turn builds their skills in composing/ arrangement/design whether you want to learn to draw or learn to paint or both.

Even if you want to draw and paint from your imagination as did many of our modern masters eventually, the foundation skills  of drawing are offered with Melbourne Art Classes  and will help you develop the brain/eye/hand connections(neural pathways) to express your ideas to your full potential.

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