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For the determined beginner, this is a great foundation online art course, an economical way to fast-track all essential art theory subjects, drawing and painting fundamentals with private online tuition and launch into your choice of acrylics, watercolours or oils.

Pre-requisites:   paints, brushes, basic terminology, drawing materials 

Regular online learning materials are received  by e-delivery (including a separate value of $290+ in videos, webinars, e-books, printable notes and online chapters + a private tutorial), guiding the beginner student through all basic and essential necessary theory Modules to learn at their own pace, Introduction to Drawing, with practical drawing and painting projects to accomplish.

* ALSO INCLUDED, your private video-webinar tutorial is available each term (for assistance in any drawing or painting project) for casual booking . This can be undertaken by email, phone or video webinar, in three parts. 

NB. You can work at your own pace and complete your projects in your own time-frame, the option to book extra online tuition is also available as single session or a package of sessions. You can also email to fast-track from the standard 12 weeks to receive the next term’s materials earlier.

PLATINUM SUBSCRIBER (Choose acrylic, oils or watercolours as prac component)- $200 per 12 week term

Subscription + Bonus private tutorial

 Purchase a gift certificate for someone you love, so that they can take art classes online in thier own time-frame

with private tutorials by email/video each term.

Gift of Online Art Classes



TERM 1 - In your first term you will be sent the Foundation Drawing Course so you can start or

continue to develop your eye/hand/brain drawing co-ordination, and extra drawing projects throughout.

- You will be assisted to establish  basic drawing and painting kits and comprehensive guidance and instructions will follow to enable your capable use of all of these, including drawing tools, pigments, brushes and other tools, gels, mediums, varnishes, stay-wet palettes. etc

- Depending on which painting medium you choose, the practical instruction will arrive according to your medium. You will be printing (or writing out) a compositional planning page for each painting project, so you can develop a clever creative process as you go along. 

- You will also receive the Colour Made Easy module so you can begin the ongoing process of developing colour mastery.

- Your first painting project will get you started putting some thought into pulling together all foundation subjects

- You will be introduced to excerpts of each foundation module and over the following terms (in your own time) you can build up a sound knowledge of each Foundation Subject.

- All platimum subscribers receive one private tuition booking per term. (If you signed up in

the initial bonus period, you will be eligible in your first term for two further private tutorials. )


- You will be guided through a review of what you covered in term 1 and encouraged to set some goals in your Art Curriculum Planner for this term

- You will receive the full Colour Made Easy module so as to continue with learning about mixing and creating harmonious schemes with confidence and assurity

- You will cover the subject of aerial perspective, and will understand how artists of various periods and genres have been able to create an inviting depth to their compositions

- You will receive some drawing challenges to build on your Foundation drawing skills

- You will receive some more step by step painting projects



- Once again you will be guided through a review of what you covered in Term 1 and encouraged to set some drwing and painting goals in your At Curriculum Planner for this term as well

- You will receive the Paint Application Module so this will mean trying out a wide range of painterly approaches and effects in your chosen medium, on canvas paper, pad or board

- Undertake a mini-course on drawing and painting water

- practice drawing metallic objects

- Focus on drawing animals by seeing simple geometric shapes in correct proportions, seeing angles and relationships in shapes, then refining each area one at a time

- painting project of wild cats, put into practice some painterly effects

- painting project of clouds

- complete the Value, Contrast, Light and Shade Module

- Learn about planning backgrounds and their importance


- You can review just what you have covered to date and you can set your goals accordingly, you can let us know you want to use your private tuition or defer it for a term if life is too busy.

- You wll now receive the complete Composition and Design Module

- Undertake a mini tutorial in drawing mouths and another regarding ears (there is a complete Figure Drawing Module available to take for those who are keen to move forward into this area later on or whenever your foundation drawing skills are competent.)

- Take the challenge of drawing glass objects

- Undertake a painting project of an iris

- Revisit the colour wheel and refresh your colour mastery, create some unique harmonious schemes of your own for some black and white compositions

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