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Where to buy paints, brushes


Atelier fluid acrylcs can be easily converted to a heavy body with a gel medium, so I think it is best to buy fluids, as they have a 

high pigment load, good for free flow work as well as impasto.

Atelier Free Flow 250ml - 

S1 Burnt UmberAtelier Free Flow 250ml -

 S2 Transparent Raw Sienna

S2 Pthalo Blue Red shade

S2 French Ultramarine Blue

S5 - Cobalt Turquoise Light

S1 Titanium White        x 2

S3 - Quin Magenta

S4 -  Cadmium Yellow Light

Atelier Impasto Gel Medium - 250ml

Atelier Modelling Compound - 250ml

Atelier Matte Medium & Varnish W/B - 250ml

Atelier Satin Medium & Varnish - 250ml

Atelier Fine Mist Water Sprayer - 250ml

Mont Marte Gesso Universal Primer 500 ml


Mont Marte Silver Series Artist Brushes 12 Piece Flat 1-12   8

Mont Marte Gesso Brushes 3 Piece  6

Mont Marte Silver Series Artist Brushes 12 Piece Round 1-12    8

Mont Marte Silver Series Stencil Brushes Packet of 3  -3

Mont Marte Artist Brush Taklon Flat Wide 50mm Kit    8.5

Mont Marte Artist Brush Taklon Flat Wide 25mm  6.50

Mont Marte Artist Brush Oil Taklon Filbert 24 13.95

Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic 5pce   9.95

Mont Marte Artist Brush Badger Fan 6    7.95

detailer 1   4.95

liner 4.95  

Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife Set 5pce - Stainless Steel   9.95

Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife Set 5pce - Plastic  2.95

MM folding brush wallet  7.50

foam roller 100mm $2

Mont Marte Tear Off Palette 36 Pages  4.50

Mini Storage Jar 30mmx40mm   2.50

portacraft Round Stackable Box 50mm 2.93

Sea Sponge Craft Pack 5 Pack  $21

$ 435 - ish  feb 17


These guys undercut on many major brands, Golden is called(by many)  the best in acrylics, but even with their low rates

you will pay the same as Atelier fluid acrylcs for about half the volume. see below comparison with Artshedonline

(who also have a store in Moorabin). (Cavalierart.com.au also have Atelier Free Flow but more expensive,

if you decide that way, get from Art shed online)

Both will freight it to you or you can collect. 


119 ml bottles

cad yellow    25

burnt umber    20

ultramarine    22

phthalo red shade  25

magenta    31

white 473 ml    48


turquoise     26      

red transparent oxide    14


236ml satin glazing medium  16

236 matt medium   20

236ml Light Molding Paste, $20.13

 236ml Heavy Gel (Matte), $22.39

1 litre Bucket White Gesso$30.80


 Brush set flat 4 Taklon , $9.35

Hog Hair Brush Set of 16, $18.15 (with wallet)

Roymac Rigger 2, $5.01

Set 3 White Taklon brushes 1”, 2”, 3”, $10.73

Set 2 Medium shapers,  pint, chisel, $6.05

 Art Spectrum Series T300 Round No0, $3.03

Fan Brush Art Spectrum Hog Hair No6, $6.60                                   

Disposable Palettes  A4 210mm x 297mm, $11.11

Colour Keeper Palette, $11.50 

(also get some stackable screw jars from Spotlight, $16-ish, 

not included in total below)

Synthetic Watercolour sponges Set of 5 assorted, $11.00 

Roller 100mm Wide, $4.68

Spray Bottle, $4.24

$430 - ish feb 17

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