Here are some of the most regularly asked questions from initial enquiries:

Q. Is it ok to join any of the art groups if I have no experience at all?

A. Students in our adult group classes enter at all different times with diverse backgrounds with and without prior drawing or painting experience. We have a structured (and flexible) art curriculum with levels, including DIY online materials so regardless of what you know before you start at MACs, you can learn at your own chosen pace.

Q. I work shifts and am not sure I can make every week, how can I keep up?

A. *Sometimes we have room for a thursday student to drop in to a saturday session and vice versa, but because of the huge selection of online classes, projects and other learning materials, enrolled students can even put in some extra time at home using the online studio. We encourage everyone to put in some creative time at home weekly anyway if they can. It really does fast track your development proportionately.

* As an alternative to term groups, we schedule group casual workshops and intensives throughout the year (according to demand), and private tutorials for one or more to learn intensively.

Q. I am on a very low budget and cannot afford much on materials. How can I do the art classes?

A. We can invoice $5/ session and provide all materials and equipment to those who do not have their own art kit as yet. (canvases and other substrates are not included in this. ) We can then help guide you to gradually build you own kit, starting with the vary minimum and adding to it over time.

Q.  I just want to learn how to paint like “Ahn Do….David Bromley…..Dale Frank…..” , or "I am only interested in abstract designs",  can you show me how?

A. What you will learn through Melbourne Art Classes is all of the foundation subjects that are necessary and helpful in developing your own creativity, so that you can paint expressively with skill and confidence. Trying to copy another artist’s style will not give you this at all.  (Think of a dental student asking “can I just learn how to create veneers for teeth?”). This is not to say that you cannot be inspired by one or more artists, living or dead, but how to create is what you will need to learn, and this involves learning in many areas and pulling it together in your very own way. 

Q. I want to learn painting in watercolours, is this possible?

A. You can choose, acrylics, watercolours, oils, mixed media and learn in whichever medium. We highly recommend starting in acrylics (particularly liquid acrylics and mediums) as you can achieve a lot of diverse results in class time, including watercolour like effects and oil like techniques.  We even have watercolours, oils, pastels and a range of mixed media options to demonstrate so that students can get more of an idea about different media available without buying too many first.

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